Since 1995 David has been guiding the design of personal computing products for both IBM and most recently Lenovo. Significantly, this includes the now iconic ThinkPad brand and purposeful design. He conceived the evolution design strategy, whereby each successive ThinkPad design would be built based on a historical foundation. David often compares this strategy to how Porsche manages the design of their forever classic 911. This approach is nearly unheard of in a fast paced high technology market where change dominates.

David has often been challenged to abandon the ThinkPad design, however, he has used keen management skill, persuasive arguments, and inventive actions, to preserve and evolve the essence of the original 1992 concept. This dedicated effort has snow-balled the ThinkPad brand value and related design recognition to unprecedented levels within the industry. ThinkPad loyalists are nearly cult-like in their affinity for the design.


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