BusinessWeek Magazine

Steve Hamm and Kenji Hall
February 25, 2008

David was fortunate to have met Steve Hamm, senior writer from BusinessWeek magazine, early in the process of developing the X300. David shared with Steve his teams strategic design concepts to create the most perfect ThinkPad ever. Steve was so interested in this work and how it fit within the overall Lenovo context that he asked to become a "fly on the wall" for the development process. This was a unique request that would freely expose a journalist to the Lenovo inner workings, but could also have great reward. Ultimately Lenovo decided to take the risk and bring Steve into the inner circle.

The article resulting from this endeavor ultimately appeared as the BusinessWeek magazine cover story. Steve skillfully chronicled the entire design and development of the X300 featuring David Hill and how his role as design leader fit within the larger picture. The article was tremendously powerful in shaping Lenovo brand value and awareness as well as positioning the ThinkPad X300 as a industry leader.